Why I Don’t Like the Liebster Award. Please Don’t Hate Me.

Why I Don’t Like the Liebster Award. Please Don’t Hate Me..

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I love this, and I so hear where she is coming from. Those dreaded chain letters that we all received as children, the memory of which still gives me the heeby-geebies today when recalling them. I remember them with such clarity. Not the content, just the ‘do it or you/your dog/your bestie/Mum will die if you don’t pass it on to the next ten friends’ thingy.

I too cringe at nominations and awards. It’s the whole ‘I am so not worthy’ thing going on. I always feel that if they look just that little bit closer they will realise what a big mistake they’ve made. Then I get embarrassed. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Then I worry that they will take it back. But I don’t want to lose it. It’s mine! *snort*

So yes, I believe that there is someone else out there that is far more worthy than I. That I am not deserving, and yet at the same time I crave the acknowledgement. I glow with pride and get warm fuzzies when anyone tells me ‘well done’ for anything that I’ve done. I strive to do the best that I can, then burst with pride when it’s acknowledged, then feel unworthy all at the same time.

Who said we’re not complex creatures.


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