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I’ve just finished reading the delightful blog by Jennifer Martin (link below), and I had to laugh. Not at the blog, nor even at the subject. Rather, at what was currently residing on the corner of the desk in my study.

Let me explain. Jennifer was reminding someone that notepads were quite a handy item to have upon your person. Especially for those times that you’re away from your technological writers tool of choice.

My mind instantly flashed to the corner of my study desk where a mishmash collection of notes, in a variety of shapes and sizes was currently sitting patiently, awaiting my time and attention. You see, although my tool of choice is my iPad and wireless Apple keyboard, I have a habit, good or bad, of writing any piece of inspirational thought upon the nearest piece of paper I have to hand. My notebooks are varied in size, and stashed in some of the weirdest places around my home. Depending on which handbag or purse I’m carrying will also denote which notebook resides within – I never change notebooks when I change my purse. I’ve also used serviettes whilst at a cafe´and from time to time I’ve even used the backs of used envelopes. Any A4 paper that comes through my letterbox will instantly be recycled into A5 sized notepads, and these are scattered around the house, and also keep a couple in the glove compartment of my car.

The only problem I have with all the notes that I have made, is finding the time to collate them, and incorporate them in which ever story/tale I’m telling at the time.

I even make notes about possible new characters, books, chapters, names… you name it, I make notes about it.

So yes, I highly recommend note taking. I also recommend the processing of those notes sooner rather than later. Otherwise you too will end up with a box, or a desk corner just like mine.
Knowing this, you may now understand my POIYPOIY when my mind instantly flashed to that corner of my study desk that is currently holding my


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